Editing fees & manuscript assessments

(See below for business rates)

General editing fees for text and manuscript assessments*

Manuscripts – Short story

up to 5,000 words$75 p.h.
up to 12,000 words$80 p.h.

Manuscripts – Book (Novel, Biography, Memoir)

up to 30,000 words$90 p.h.
up to 50,000 – to be negotiated
up to 100,000 – to be negotiated
over 100,000 words – to be negotiated

(NB As you’ll see from the above rates, editing fee rises are in accord with word counts due to the greater skills needed for the editing of a longer, more complex manuscript. An assessment of a ms. and an estimate of the expected number of hours needed for its editing will be given in a written undertaking to the client before commencement of the editing.)

Work needs to be received in MSWord or an equivalent text document.

The turnaround time for editing or additional writing will be determined after a general assessment of the manuscript, following discussion with the client, and by mutual agreement – before editing commences.

The layout of the work which is to be edited needs to be received in 12 pt Times New Roman font, A4 double spaced with 1 inch margins.

Business Writing – Editing Rates

Copy editing (light editing)$80 p.h.
Intensive or substantive editing$90 p.h.

Business Reports & Studies – Writing & Development

Writing$90 p.h.
Face to face interviewing, research or note-taking$90 p.h.

*Please note that fees for text and manuscript assessments may vary according to the complexity and quality of the writing and whether they are received as hard copy or in electronic format. Electronic format generally incurs an extra cost for printing.

Examples of what your editing requirements might be:

John submitted a manuscript in five sections written by 3 co-authors, outlining the benefits of how climate change issues can be incorporated into business plans and into coursework in educational institutions. Editing included harmonising the style and language to create reader-friendly consistency, sorting chapters for logical sequence, managing the references and footnoting. The length of the document was 45,000 words with accompanying graphics of 50 pictures/tables.

John’s work required 75 hours of editing, which included meetings with John and the co-authors to clarify contradictions and overlap in the document.

Gemma had finished a long memoir of 120,000 words describing beautiful anecdotes of literary, personal and community value regarding multi-cultural interactions, historical events and dealing with trauma. However the written technique and sequencing needed work. Gemma included too much detail, which obscured the main themes of her book, and the sequence of events was confusing to the reader.

Gemma’s work required 60 hours of editing which included editing out a spare 25,000 words and restructuring the memoir so that the information flowed logically and pleasingly, and highlighted the gem-like qualities of her stories.

Sam had finally completed a series of stories about his recollections of his childhood in another country. They were witty, meaningful and beautifully written.  His style was well-formulated and read out in writing groups with a highly positive response. He took note of the critique in class and made adjustments along the way. A final edit was made for consistency of themes and events and characters, and included proofing. The manuscript of 45,000 took 8 hours of editing.

All of these kinds of individual and business needs can be catered for within the ambit of Sydney School of Arts & Humanities’ professional editorial services. Phone now to discuss your writing project.

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