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The School offers a virtual template program for group study.

A one-off meeting tool which provides parameters for group cohesion and direction during the full life of a Book Club or Reading Group.

With attention given to fiction, non-fiction and genre characteristics, the Sydney School of Arts & Humanities comes to you — introducing your group to the informal reading discussion and analysis program — in your regular meeting places, in Sydney city, suburban and regional areas.

Photo credit Jamie Williams book clubs

Photo credit Jamie Williams

Emphasis is placed on enhancing members’ involvement within the existing atmosphere of informality of most successful Book Clubs.

The package is designed to encourage contributions from members focussed on literary techniques and themes, the contexts of plots and aspects of characterisation – without being boring! Discussion moves beyond likes and dislikes, to look at the way a writer has approached the issues of the day, characters’ strengths and flaws, how the major protagonists interact to move the narrative forward, and how a writer may have fine-tuned resolution and/or climax.

Book lovers book clubs Rather than becoming a social gathering where personalities might dominate, reading groups using this program have engendered a literary-mindedness in their midst – without the stuffy intellectual formality of a tutorial or class. Informal sharing is encouraged, as well as original or stimulating comments being voiced in an atmosphere of mutual questing.

Bookings are essential. Sydney School of Arts & Humanities staff plan about a month ahead and a list of upcoming texts needs to be provided. No genre is excluded … and the program is equally applicable to specialised genres or general literary novels. If your group studies non-fiction works predominantly, you’ll need to notify us at the time of booking.

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