author platformsTop 10 Author platforms

As a published author, you have a huge opportunity to publicise your work through the internet, reaching and expanding your audience through various author platforms.

It’s very important to invest some of your time in this. Readers want to follow their favourite writers and receive updates from them. In turn, they will help publicise your work.

There are several sites you must be on, some that you should be on, and others that can also play a useful role. These are the top ten currently recommended by Sydney School of Arts & Humanities. There are of course others, including some which are very effective for certain genres and niches, but these are the author platforms we’ve identified as most useful at present.

Critical sites

Amazon Author Central

Author Central allows you to have an ‘Author page’ that aggregates all of your work. You can add your bio and photo, post news and events, and also edit the details for your books: such as adding external reviews. You can also add multimedia and blog feeds.


Goodreads (now owned by Amazon) is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. It has 40 million members worldwide. Once you’ve claimed your ‘Author Profile’ you can post your bio, fans can follow you, you can blog, take questions, post updates about your work, and participate in giveaways and other promotions.

Desirable sites

Personal Website

These days readers increasingly expect authors to have their own website. You’ll need to buy a domain name and a hosting package: many sites bundle this together for you.

Facebook Author Page

Facebook allows authors to set up an ‘Author page’ that fans can follow, lets you run promotions, and gives you marketing insights into who your fans are. You can also use a regular Facebook profile to do this, if you don’t mind mixing your personal and professional identities.


Bookbub is one of the key book recommendation sites for readers, and offers authors a range of advertising opportunities. You can also have a free author profile on there, which will allow readers to follow you and automatically receive updates about new titles you publish.

Mailing list

Growing your own mailing list will be one of your most powerful and important tools to promote future works. You can do this with a third party platform as well as from your own email.


Readers generally expect authors to have a Twitter account these days.

Useful sites


Tumblr is a blogging platform (now owned by Yahoo!) with 555 million monthly visitors. You can follow and be followed, blog and ‘reblog’ other people’s posts.


Pinterest is a social sharing website based around images, with 100 million monthly users.


Most useful to YA (Young Adult) and Romance writers, Wattpad has over 40 million members who read and/or write on the site. As an author you can post existing or new work, publish book previews, get feedback on your writing, and see reader statistics for your work.