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with Ferdinando Manzo – journalist and novelist

This informal conversation class is designed for beginners to advanced. The nature and history of the Italian language is just one part of the approach taken for an overall appreciation of the spoken and written word.

Emphasis is given to the fun of learning how to interact with locals when you’re on holiday. Plus the basics for getting around on your own and meeting people to add a new dimension to your trip.

Popular contemporary songs and movies are incorporated into the classes to encourage discussion, as well as a look at modern Italian lifestyle and society.

Manzo will canvas questions about:

  • Changes in language in the 21st century
  • The role of grammar in the context of globalisation of the language
  • How language reflects the mood of the times and the people.


When: Thursdays 7.00 pm and/or Saturdays 11.30 am

Fee: $20 per class     (Private lessons also available.)



About the Tutor

About the Tutor

Ferdinando Manzo is a professional journalist, born in in Torre del Greco in the province of Naples. He worked as an editor for Metropolis Network for fifteen years, also collaborating as assistant producer to the production of Metropolis TV programs. He now lives in Australia where he works as a freelance reporter and author.

‘L’UOMO CHE SALVÒ IL MONDO’, published in Italian by Lettere Animate Editore is Manzo’s first novel

Arco: The Legend of the Blue Vortex is Ferdinando Manzo’s first work in English. It explores man’s battle with the sea in an attempt to seek solace and is set in two different eras: on the high seas among ancient pirates and in contemporary Europe ravaged by war. The narrator, devastated by the loss of his lover, tells a tale of suspense and intrigue as he attempts to recover his lost love.

His book of poetry, Night Road to Life, also features themes of the sea and the emotions, particularly the deeply felt joys and melancholies experienced by men.

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