Family Stories

Many people, as they travel through life, want to leave a record of their own lives or their ancestors’ lives for future generations. They may have no commercial ambition for their work, but solely want to publish a history to preserve family memories. We call these Family Stories.

The material used in these works often includes:

  • letters and correspondence
  • diaries
  • records and archives
  • photographs
  • old newspaper clippings

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities offers a special service for these family stories. Archive material often contains errors, but these may be part of its historical significance and don’t require editing. As such we offer a “publishing only” option, which includes formatting and publishing, but no editing.

WWII Letters: A Soldier’s Odyssey

Marcus-Edwards family stories

This biography of Marcus Edwards is an astonishing chronicle of the life of a soldier on the frontline in WW II.

The first of our showcased Family Stories is WWII Letters: A Soldier’s Odyssey by Ian Edwards, a chronicle of the life of his uncle Marcus Edwards, a soldier on the frontline in WWII.

The work draws largely on the soldier’s correspondence and diary notes from the Second World War in particular. It can be purchased through our website.