at the end of a downpour

At the end of a downpour

by Syam Sudhakar

A Malayalam song of stark imagery.

Text by poet Syam Sudhakar set to music composed and performed by Uma  A.V.

Production by Lis James.

At the end of a downpour is a collaborative project between Sydney School of Arts & Humanities and Black Dot Creative Lab, India, produced with the aim of advancement of the arts and literature.

View English translation of poetry below:



At the end of a downpour

All went dark.

Cloud-horses ran down heavily.

Creepers, lazy in gesture,

shut the door of dawn.

Under their shade, a house.

At its centre, a cold piano.

Two kittens on it, eyes closed, frozen.

A greeting card on the floor.

Where is the girl who once fell madly on her guitar?

Now only an abandoned red pick.

Someone went out, leaving his frigid lips

on the throat of a flute,

now taken by cobwebs.

Unsatisfied with the taste of

silver thread music from clouds

trotting on a tabla

and the flavour of melody

scattered from a cracked organ,

termites spread

to consume the shoe of a deserted dream.

The tin roof

and the heart-walls

tremble as

the cloud-horses canter away.