Multimedia available for purchase:

Traditionally, literature and poetry has been passed down through oral storytelling, singing and performance. Today, film, television and video technologies offer the possibility of sharing these live performances with a global audience as well as passing them down to future generations.

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities is excited to be able to offer multimedia presentations of some of the works of our authors.

at the end of a downpour multimediaAt the end of a downpour – a Malayalam song

by Syam Sudhakar

A Malayalam song of stark imagery by poet Syam Sudhakar set to music composed and performed by Uma  A.V. A collaborative project between Sydney School of Arts & Humanities and Black Dot Creative Lab, India.


slicing-the-moon-new multimediaSlicing the Moon: a screen book of poems

by Syam Sudhakar

Video presentations of seven poems by award-winning South Indian poet, Syam Sudhakar, set against an imaginative backdrop of dance, music and sound effects.


Multimedia available through Sydney School of Art & Humanities.