Writing of the Week Curious leaf design

Writing of the Week Curious leaf design

Curious leaf design

Crop circles, snowflakes and the exactitude of this one leaf with its perfect lines …

I went to a spiritual workshop some time ago. A whole day of being with a group of really diverse people (I know one shouldn’t qualify diverse – but really in this circumstance it calls for it – we were all from different walks of life, genders, age groups), all gathered in someone’s living room; and the main subject was using crop circles as trigger points for cosmic experiences, thinking about them, meditating on them.

crop circleJudgement and cynicism

Now, I will ask that you suspend judgement for a moment – as I did that day because even now my mind kind of bends with cynicism, even under the weight of actual visual proof of these phenomena.

I didn’t realise until that day just how many crop-circles there are, how profuse! They don’t last long, but there are whole groups of people who travel around the United States photographing them. And there they were that day – dozens of them and all of them placed in the middle of fields in the most wonderful geometric patterns.  I mean, geometry. I kind of think of spiritual stuff as being wafty and spirally and curving – and misty – but these were sharp-lined, highly precisioned pieces of great complexity. The kind that it would take an architect or draftsperson (even a graphic designer with graphic tools) quite some skill and effort to re-create . Let alone some natural force which makes them appear overnight.

And they were wonderful. In that, they created wonder.

If for a moment I decided to not think through what type of conspiratorial effort it would take to plan and then travel  around the US placing these patterns in fields overnight, with no detection ever made of such a plot, and without any known means of producing them or replicating them … if I stopped thinking about that … all I would feel would be wonder.

So this was it, when this morning Christine showed me with surprise and joy a leaf with the geometric pattern. We were in wonder. I felt sharply the schism between thinking – that amazing mechanism we have as humans to think and intellectualise – and the act of awe and wonder, which has no monetary value yet somehow you feel and know. It feeds a part of you that is integral and real and is also a human element. For a few moments we just looked and breathed deeply – and let wonder take over.

Text copyright Maria Issaris

Photo copyright Christine Williams, Pinterest & Youtube

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