World Cup Heroes

tim cahill - world cup heroes_1
After Game 1, Tim Cahill is our star headman and hero with a score of 1.

And Alex Wilkinson’s our saviour – with one of the most heroic saves our correspondent has ever seen! Reuters captured the moment.



alex wilkinson - world cup heroes

Less brooding, though, ‘Timmie’, as you’re fondly referred to by Craig Foster, among many other Australian commentators who are barracking for you. In case it makes you feel down … we’ll have none of that. As you said, the Socceroos had a bit of fear in the first twenty minutes, but from ten minutes before the first half until the end of the game, they met aggression with aggression. But clean aggression … no lying down, putting on acts. Because that wouldn’t have impressed the referee, would it now, on such a level playing field?

tim cahill - world cup heroes_3

And as to the last of our World Cup heroes, Ange Postecoglou remains our essential idealist, despite his downcast gaze. Maybe he’s just checking that his boot laces are tied correctly.
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