THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE newspaper article

THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE newspaper article

Nicky Gluch’s latest book, The Universal Language, has been promoted with an article published in the jewish report in Sydney this week. It includes an extract from her book about visiting Israel in 2013/14 and how her time there led her to pursue a career in music.

The article headed ‘Travel Memoir’ quotes Nicky as saying, ‘I had pages and pages of emails I’d sent my mother during my time abroad and, when the opportunity presented itself, I took the chance to turn them into a book.

‘The Universal Language is the result. As I write in the Introduction, the book unfolds through fragments, “snapshots which at the end I hope will provide a complete picture, yet one that makes you want to look more closely at the pieces.” I do not aim to be polemical, rather I hope that I might open up conversation. The medium is story, the message is music and the hope is peace.’

The Universal Language’ is available as a print book from Ariel Booksellers and as an e-book, with $1 from each book sold being donated towards the expansion of  Hadassah’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit .  

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