Tom Keneally back on deck

Tom Keneally back on deck

Tom Keneally
Penguin Random House

I had the great pleasure today to talk with novelist, Tom Keneally, on his first walk solo after a major operation he had over two months ago.

He was out walking alone? Yes, the conversation was by phone – and he sounded so strong! It was the same old Tom – down-to-earth, loquacious, looking on the positive, full of bonhomie, outward-looking – even telling me to take care of myself (as he must say to most people he meets).

What a resilient writer and human being, he is. His latest novel, Two Old Men Dying (Penguin), is being published this month!

I rang Keneally to tell him that an interview he had with Rossella Venturi is published this week on SSOA’s ‘Impressions’ page – and you can read it right here.

Tom Keneally says he’ll be back in his office in the city on Tuesdays in a couple of months as he’s been given clearances from physios, surgeons and all manner of specialists on the state of the body.

Only hitch is that following the operation he’s lost his taste for wine. Some might consider that a calamity but not Tom. Always the optimist. I expect he’ll live even longer now he doesn’t have to pander to his former tastebuds.

Check out the precis of his life’s literary achievements in the Q & A article here.


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