SSOA Writing Group

SSOA Writing Group


I get a lot from my writing group. First, the convener Christine gives invaluable help and advice with her comments about the pieces we have written. Then, as I mostly write at home in isolation, I find it’s a great help to go along to writing group to hear others’ writing. It encourages me to keep going with my memoir.

The group offers a safe place to read aloud quite painful stories from my past. It is also a weekly discipline for me to write a piece to read.

I have to get over my constant feeling that I am not a good writer. This stems from my upbringing, as a child in the 1950’s when girls were not expected to be clever. The attitude was that we should be grateful for marriage.

I started writing my memoir many years ago, but it went nowhere. Who would want to read it, I would think? But people kept telling me to write down all my experiences, so I decided to write down all the things I had been through, as short stories.

Then I came to my writing class and lost confidence at a great rate, without showing it, of course. Everyone wrote so well, and all with different styles. Soon I began to gain confidence, coming weekly and reading to receive Christine’s very good suggestions.

Now I am happy to finish my book, and know it will be in my own style and it does not matter to me if only my family reads it. I am now racking my brain for a good title.

Jennifer Neil  

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