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How much have you heard about us? Do you know what we do?

ANSWER: We’re a community writing, mentoring and publishing venture that has been using meeting and office accommodation in Millers Point, subsidised by the City of Sydney over the past four years. And we sponsor several meet up groups, including Sydney Writers Circle and Sydney Storytellers.

We operate as a volunteer project in many ways. Writers see the value of the organisation to themselves and to others less skilled in writing, to develop their talents through a meet up feedback method based on camaraderie and nurturing of emerging writers. We encourage rather than continually find fault. Our writers progress much faster through this nurturing method of book coaching based on mutual trust in the value of what and how a person develops their own distinctive voice in writing.

SSOA books

Books published by SSOA


We’ve now been operating long enough to have published over a dozen books to international publication standard, with most of those authors having started from scratch and progressed, perhaps over a year at least, to a point where their work is edited and then published in print and in ebook formats and sold on our website, in local bookstores and globally through Amazon, Apple and leading ebookstores. And the terms of our publication contracts include a 50% royalty to authors, in contrast to the normal 10% offered by most mainstream publishers.

SSOA publications

Who’s involved?

Our client base comprises over 3,000 members of the general public. Anyone can join our meet up groups, Sydney Writers Circle and Sydney Storytellers, as well as more socially-focused groups, the Over-50s Social and Chinese Heritage (Australia) meet ups. Drawing on members of the public who are interested in reading and writing allows for fresh inputs from writers who are just starting out – and therefore only just beginning to understand the commitment needed to complete a novel, for instance – as well as other, more experienced and previously published authors who are willing to stay the distance to complete a large work. The mix of experience works well and is generally a source of inspiration for newcomers.

An SSOA writing meet-up

SSOA organises meet-ups 3 times per week, and a number of our authors have gone on to publish with SSOA

Writing Meet Ups

The 3-times-a-week meet ups cost just $15 for a 2-hour session, including refreshments provided by SSOA.

Take a look at our website when you can, so you can see the outcomes of all this writing education for the public – mostly memoir/life story and creative fiction – of which we’re very proud.


May I suggest that if you’d like to know more you can check out:


You can become a member of SSOA to keep track of what our writers are up to and receive regular tips on writing and publishing here.

15-17 Argyle Place Millers Point, Sydney 2000

15-17 Argyle Place
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