An SSOA Authors’ performance

An SSOA Authors’ performance

Lawrence Goodstone performance

Lawrence Goodstone


An SSOA authors’ performance formed the major part of an inner western suburbs story reading event recently.

Stories from the ‘Ville (‘Ville being a contraction of ‘Marrickville’, in case you’re not one of the cognoscenti) was held at the Petersham Bowling Club on a Sunday afternoon. While locals enjoyed a break of sunshine and engaged in a lawn bowls competition, we descended the steep stairs next to the bar to arrive in a cosy darkened performance space akin to a jazz den or even a  speakeasy. The drinks were flowing, along with the stories! Stage performers and audience seemed as one.

An organiser of the cultural event sent SSOA authors a note of thanks afterward: ‘We really enjoyed everyone’s contributions and we are truly indebted to you’.

Good on the organisers, and good on our writers! Here’s a wee sample, from Diane Harding:

Getting to the church on time

My eyes sprang open, a bit fuzzy for a time, until I remembered it was my wedding day.

Excitement fizzed as I thought about my sweetheart. His warm smile, his kindness, his great body. I was happy.

Then doubts began to creep into my thoughts, dampening my excitement. He never put the toilet lid down, never squeezed the toothpaste from the end, never put his socks in the clothes hamper, never argued with me, just walked away.

Oh my! Did I really want to marry him? I would have to put up with things like that until the day I died. No more looking around for a better guy. No more other guys.

I needed to be sure.

Down at the end of Addison Rd was a fortune teller who, my girlfriends said, always gave very good advice. They had all met the man of their dreams after talking to her.

I sprang out of bed to dress. …”

Da da da dah! What happens next in Di’s story? A lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone who took part, including writers who have books for sale: Diane Harding (REPORTED MISSING), Ferdinando Manzo (ARCO),  Lawrence Goodstone (WHAT’S IN A NAME).







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