New poetry collection Night Road to Life

New poetry collection Night Road to Life

the launch poetry launch

The launch

Poetry launch: Night Road to Life

New poetry collection, Night Road to Life, by versatile Italian-Australian writer and poet, Ferdinando Manzo, was published last Saturday night, along with its Italian-language version, Strada di notte per la vita.

Launched into the world by writer and musician, Paolo Totaro, the poems in Manzo’s collection span locales from the ocean to the central desert and offer sensitive snapshots about people relating to others with a sense of compassion and humanity.

Paolo Totaro, a published poet in both English and Italian, was the Foundation Chairman of the Ethnic Affairs Commission. He was awarded the Order of Australia in 1988 and the Order of the Republic of Italy in 2001, for his work for the arts.

waters_christopher_selective focus_2-27 poetry launchAt the poetry launch he spoke about immigration and the arts:

“I want to draw your attention to one important fact. The new, current wave of immigrants from Italy is no doubt bringing new voices, new experiences, new manners of using English into the body of Australian literature. It has happened wherever there have been migrations, mixing of cultures, reciprocal enrichments. Ferdinando, in my view, ‘ha i numeri’, has the talent to leave his mark on Italian Australian poetry.”

Ferdinando Manzo’s first novel, L’UOMO CHE SALVÒ IL MONDO, was published in Italy by Lettere Animate Editore in 2015.

Also last year, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities published his long short story, ARCO: the legend of the blue vortex in English and an Italian language version, ARCO, la leggenda del vortice blu.

Anastasia Zolotarev happily agreed to act as MC for the launch which featured readings of excerpts from Manzo’s latest publication, several set to music and performed by Donna Ng at Knox Street Bar in Chippendale.

Ferdinando Manzo has been a professional journalist in Napoli for most of his career. He worked as an editor for Metropolis Network for about fifteen years, also collaborating as assistant producer to the production of Metropolis TV programs. He now lives in Sydney where he works as a freelance reporter as well as writing fiction and poetry.

Director of Sydney School of Arts & Humanities, Dr. Christine Williams, describes Manzo’s latest collection as, ‘Themes of the sea and the emotions, particularly the deeply felt joys and melancholies experienced by men’ – a touchstone of Manzo’s work.

The poetry collection has been published by Sydney School of Arts & Humanities as both a print book and in ebook formats. It’s available on:

Amazon and on SSOA’s website:

Night Road to Life

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