On Writing

On Writing

The pen is mightier ...

The pen is mightier …

This week’s contribution from OMG Our Memoir Writing group by Geetha Waters.

On Writing

The slant of sunlight pouring down through the skylight cast a sheen on the red ball point pen she held. The pen was poised on a blank sheet of lined, white paper that she’d casually picked up from the seat beside her. Would she reveal her thoughts on this piece of paper? Once they were penned down they would stay fixed as if installed in time – as if ‘set in stone’.

But the mind changed daily. It was so fluid and to see thoughts written down carried a sense of shock. It wasn’t anyone else’s story that could be read as a casual reader/voyeur of life. These would be her thoughts and that made a difference. To begin was always the hardest part and then it was a fun-filled adventure of characters meeting, lending helping hands and waving casual goodbyes.

There would be more such meetings, dynamic moments which changed lives and perceptions. There would be new paths to tread and many who would cross those paths and leave her wondering.

The slant of the sun’s rays passed over her hand, warming it.

Geetha Waters is the author of 'Road to Rishi Konda'

Geetha Waters is the author of ‘Road to Rishi Konda’


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