New year, new resolution. By mid-January, how tedious!

New year, new resolution. By mid-January, how tedious!

Two responses from the SSOA writing groups on the start of 2019:

Response 1

Well, actually, I embrace the new. I embrace resolutions.

This year it’s, ‘Get real and finish the memoir!’

After three previous drafts I now have a direction so my brain simply says, ‘YES, DO IT. Your focus is finally taking you to the story you want to tell. You have always wanted to inspire people to follow their dreams … SO DO IT!’

And there’s an addendum: ‘Hey, while you are at it, get fit, clean up the garage, and dejunk your apartment after 26 years of accumulation’.

2019 is the year without cobwebs clogging up my brain matter, my inactive body, and my living environment.

Rotary President, Robert Bath’s motto was: ‘DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO’.

So I’ve decided to celebrate the journey instead of fearing never getting to the destination.

Stephen Berry

Response 2

It’s just time, a marking of time; time that doesn’t, in fact, exist.

A new year; one day follows another and they give it a different number.

They cordon off the parks near the harbour and charge people a fee to watch coloured smoke pollute the atmosphere.

‘It’s such fun!’ they say.

But it’s really just a tedious waste of time, which, by the way, doesn’t exist.

Jim Piotrowski

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