Highlights: SSOA writers reading

Highlights: SSOA writers reading

Highlights: SSOA writers reading their work in public!

The year ended with a ‘WOW!’ when Sydney School of Arts & Humanities (SSOA) writers read their work in public during the City of Sydney celebrations for the opening of the new Nita McCrae Park at Millers Point, The Rocks.

Books by SSOA writers published by SSOA were also on display for sale. The City of Sydney organised a jubilant event, with a range of local community groups taking part, including 2 choirs, a painting  group and dancers.

Credits for the writers taking part in the afternoon are found at the bottom of this blog – and to watch the readings in full go to Youtube now. Our thanks to all those involved in the presentation and special thanks to the organiser, Ferdinando Manzo, our presenter, Helena Ameisen, and documentary maker Faisal Sayani for his struggle to film the performances with sound in windy weather.

Photos of public performances


To watch the readings in full go to Youtube now. Authors bios are available here.

Nita McCrae  was a community leader who forty years ago helped save a community and a heritage precinct. The Rocks and Millers Point would have been vastly different places without Nita’s intervention.


Copyright text credits to SSOA writers Helena Ameisen,  Diane Harding, Wil Roach, Leo Ryan and Geetha Waters.

Copyright video credit to Faisal Sayani for www.ssoa.com.au

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