The H2 Apparels Community School

The H2 Apparels Community School

outdoor literacy h2

Outdoor literacy at H2 Apparels school

The H2 Apparels Community School opened in July with 150 students enrolling for their first semester. There are ten members of teaching staff and three others to assist the school. The children come from fifty outlying villages in the rural areas surrounding Palamaner in South India, and many of their parents work in the H2 Apparels’ Factory.

Author Geetha Waters, Vice President of STEP (Students, Teachers, Educators and Parents), says the school is fortunate to have purchased three buses to provide daily transport to children to and from class, thanks to the generosity of Mother Theresa’s College in Palamaner.

H2: based on holistic principles

outdoor-classroom-editThe H2 Community School is a co-educational facility based on holistic principles being promoted by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Secretary of STEP, V. Nagabhushanam, is the Director of the Community School. Bhushanam and his staff of new graduate teachers are settling down to the enormous responsibility of guiding students and each other towards creating an atmosphere where learning is celebrated for its own sake as originally proposed by Jiddu Krishnamurti during the 1940s.

Whereas traditional education inadvertently points to the acquisition of knowledge as the pinnacle of human intelligence and accomplishment, holistic education extends interest in the fact of learning as evidence of intelligence in operation. The purpose of holistic education is to enable children to feel fully engaged and empowered to appreciate the great scope of human intelligence without needlessly succumbing to the compulsive desire to get things right all the time!

We wish the new school a happy and eventful year and hope to work with them to explore, investigate and discover new avenues of learning.



  1. Chhaaya Shridhar
    3 August, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    It's wonderful to see such good work being done.. especially where it matters.

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    1. Geetha Waters
      4 August, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Hi Chhaaya, Thank you for appreciating our work in Palamaner. We would love to see you after all these years! After 40 years apart we can demonstrate to the children the richness of being friends for life! xGeetha

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  2. Geetha Waters
    4 August, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Also, thanks to other former students of Rishi Valley who have encouraged me on many occasions. Vivek Shah especially mobilized interest in our batch getting together and connecting with each other. Vivek says: Congratulations! Tremendous effort to kick start a school... education in smaller towns is a very must. Your consolidation of getting children from villages around will also be an example to the government of the need to consolidate village schools to a common center in order to allow better utilisation of resources! Vivek also added on an aside like many others I have heard before: 'I am glad it is on the basis of JK's teaching, which is a must in todays times!' Thanks Vivek! With the Andhra Pradesh government actively promoting 'holistic' education, perhaps we have jumped over the hurdle and will see changes occurring at last!

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  3. Krishna Umaria
    14 August, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    I am really happy to know that The STEP Education Society is now well established and has now undertaken to run H2 school according to the STEP educational principles of Holistic Education. It is hoped that STEP will be able to revolutionize the school educational system not only in Andhra Pradesh but beyond in India. The STEP is a non-profit making , charitable organization depends upon public support. All the best to Naga Bhushanam, Geetha, Christopher and others.

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  4. Geetha Waters
    8 November, 2016 at 9:16 am

    Vivek Shah is my batch mate from Rishi Valley which is the very first school that Krishnamurti founded. Krishnamurti's work in holistic education is our inspiration for the STEP intervention in schools. Vivek says: Dear Geetha, Congratulations, Tremendous effort to kick start a school! Education in smaller towns is a must. Your consolidation of getting children from villages around will also be an example to the government for the need to consolidate village schools to a common center allowing better utilization of resources!   I am glad it is on the basis of JK's teachings,which is a must in today's time.

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