Sydney Writers Circle meetup hits the mark

Sydney Writers Circle meetup hits the mark

Group dynamics in a writers’ circle

group dynamicsSydney Writers Circle meetup hits the mark

Sydney Writers Circle meetup has recently been the subject of a study into group dynamics with a positive finding that we deliver the goods… that is, we offer helpful, gentle and ‘affirming’ feedback for emerging writers.

Kate Brown, a Bachelor of Arts student with Edith Cowan University in Perth, has written a report on Sydney Writers Circle’s Friday Writing group and here is her summary.

‘Recently, over two Fridays, I had the pleasure of observing the Sydney Writers’ Circle and interviewing Christine.

The purpose of this venture was to use objective criteria to observe the dynamics and interactions of the group, including the types of explicit or implicit roles and rules that exist. Information collected is currently being compiled into a report that connects the interview and observations to current group dynamics theories in psychology.

While I will be providing the convenor, Christine Williams, with a copy of the final report for anyone interested, I’d like to share a few brief comments. The level of trust and support that members show each other is consistently respectful and courteous, to a standard that any group or individual should aspire. In spite of an ever-changing dynamic with a transient membership, your group is cohesive, positive and prepared to address any conflicts that may arise. It is evident that each of you brims with potential, talent and drive, and I believe that Christine’s unwavering commitment, coaching and gentle coercing is a godsend to Sydney writers.

I would like to thank the members who were present and Christine for her time, patience and hospitality. The opportunity to be involved with your group has been an honour, and I wish you all the very best with your opening ceremony, end-of-year performance, and many, future publications.

Keep writing!’


Our thanks to Kate for her keen observations of our Friday creative writing group – and a copy of the report is available for members of the public by contacting

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If you’d like to join in any of our meetups you can register to attend at

Christine Williams, Director, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities. Writing groups are held on Tuesday mornings, Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons.


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