Gone but not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten


Gone but not forgotten


Another year of the 2018 Sydney Writers’ Festival has passed through theatres, bays, lounges, universities and galleries, and especially through Carriageworks – all such appealing places.

The charming and intellectual engagement these events inspire brought into light subjects and novels hidden in the shadows, creating a progressive disposition in many diverse minds.

The festival brings books to the forefront of Sydney’s artistic life, creating for many a national and global platform.

Subjects as diverse as political science, journalism, history, equality, feminism, poetry, activism, book criticism, and authors themselves, were just some of the many areas that were tackled in debate and discussion over the period.








These are all fields of importance to society, a reflection of humankind and the relations that make and divide us every day, mostly without us realising it.

Given the seriousness many events radiated, there was also a sense of fun, and humour trickling down among audiences, invigorating their passion and attentive mood. Often people would attend not only out of their own personal interest, but for a cause.

In storytelling, the power of words and engagement of the senses can revive us.

Can’t wait until next year!


Text: Lewis Hallett 

Images: https://mgnsw.org.au/organisations/art-gallery-nsw/



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