Christmas party 2016

Christmas party 2016

City of Sydney celebrates Christmastown-hall-ceiling-light

The Christmas party – it’s what makes December bearable, after all. We all feel we’ve had enough of the current year – we’re still donning our work clothes, feeling hot and sticky, rushing to finish off un-finishable business and champing at the bit to RELAX, after a mountain of false starts, also-rans and ultimate triumphs for the year.

The City of Sydney hosted its Christmas party early – and it was a memorable event following a long list of achievements by the Council in 2017.

Starting with ‘Welcome to Country’ by a Gadigal representative, there was plenty of goodwill and well-wishing over drinks and canapés in the historic hall. And many of us were appreciative of the vegetarian options served!


Clover Moore at Christmas party

Clover Moore with writer Ferdinando Manzo christmas party

Clover Moore with writer Ferdinando Manzo

Lord Mayor Clover Moore, who won an unprecedented 4th term as Lord Mayor in the September election, ran through a list of successes – including child care and support for indigenous residents. 

And a few comments were made – with true Clover Moore honesty – about ventures still to be realised. She rued the State Government’s cutting  down of long-lived fig trees for the new tram line from the city to Kingsford and also pointed out that trees had been planted along George Street by the Council according to the State Government’s blueprint for the light rail, so it was important that the plan not be changed.

The Lord Mayor seemed to genuinely enjoy the evening, mixing with guests to celebrate a happy end to the year.




town-hall-indigenous-dancer town-hall-lord-mayor




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