Christmas in July

Christmas in July

xmas-in-july-Noella-sings christmas

Noella Strange-Muir sings at Christmas in July

Christmas in July rolled around again for local residents of the City of Sydney, with rich luncheon fare  – including pudding!

The Harry Jensen Centre staff in The Rocks organised the event and everyone bunkered down out of the icy wind.

Taking the opportunity to show off our writing skills, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities offered up a brief story from Julie Dawson, titled The gift of giving:


christine-xmas-in-july christmas

Julie Dawson’s story read by Christine Williams

The Gift of Giving

Simon looks at the gift card in front of him and gives his mum a hateful glare.   A goat! She has joined one of those stupid charity things and bought him a gift card for a goat, for some godforsaken family in a village somewhere.

He’s seriously pissed off. He sneers. He’s glad now that he picked up those tacky earrings from Vinnies.

‘Don’t you think it’s a great idea darling?’ smiles Jane. It’s a way of making Christmas, Christmas again. After all, Christmas should be all about giving but its become such a selfish wasteful time. We seem to spend all our time and money buying stuff that people don’t want.

‘Well you’ve succeeded there then, Mum,’ he says, slamming the door behind him. He fumes. Why should he go without something just because SHE has decided to tune into the ‘do gooder’ side of her personality?

Back in the lounge room, Jane looks at the piles of wrapping paper, the electronic gadgets, the chocolates and bottles of wine. The flashing Christmas tree lights seem to mock her.

She picks up the beautiful handcrafted earrings and thinks of the person who carefully made them and her heart melts towards her selfish, wayward son. He can’t be all bad, she thinks, if he thought to give her such a beautiful gift.

Copyright Julie Dawson 2016


Our thanks to Julie, and the Harry Jensen staff, including Anna, Jess, Lucy and Sarath.


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