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Juliann Wrightson is blogging about her book as she is writing it1 She is being given regular mentoring and editing sessions with SSOA Editor, Maria Issaris

Working Cover for Eating with the Enemy – authored by Julieann Wrightson

Blogging your book     Edit as you go

Julieann Wrightson is building her book, chapter by chapter, blog by blog, and editing as she goes with Sydney School of Arts & Humanities (SSOA).

Some authors wait until they have finished their manuscript before editing. However, Julieann, one of our emerging writers, is working her way through her book with regular sessions. Each week she meets with SSOA Editor, Maria Issaris, and together they edit and discuss the sections that have been written. This includes Julieann’s blog presence, which is following her journey in developing her book. Publicising your work, and building an audience for a book such as Julieann’s, is very clever and effective.

Building your author profile
By the time Julieann has finished writing her book it will be fairly polished, requiring little effort to proof. Plus she will have built a following and media profile. This will assist her in finding the best publishing arrangement to suit her material.
Below is a link to her blog which has recently gone live! Julieann introduces herself as follows:
I am smack bang in the middle of writing a book on eating issues involving food intolerance, and how it affects your body, mind and spirit. I had to. Mine were taking over my life, spiralling out of control.  I researched heavily.  I spoke to many different professionals, both medical and alternative. I used my knowledge and resources from working in a government health authority to find out as much as possible on what food intolerance is and how it affected my body.
My book, Eating with the Enemy, is the result of what I know, and how I apply it every day to bring balance back to my health. I am writing Eating with the Enemy, and at the same time I am setting up this blog to share with you how it is all evolving…
Our advice at SSOA is: ‘Be nurtured and mentored!’
Over the last five years our writing and publishing venture has been nurturing a number of writers to evolve and finish their work. This has ranged from providing writing space, to mentoring and editing. At a small publishing house such as SSOA, standards are high, and nurturing authors is far more personal and flexible. For enquiries, call 0432 289 311 or email

The subject of Juliann’s latest blog – Sugar Free

Copyright text and photos Julieann Wrightson (with Maria Issaris – text) October 2018

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