A Call for Short Story Submissions to an Anthology to be published by Sydney School of Arts and Humanities (SSOA)

SSOA is a niche (boutique) publishing house and writers’ centre, supported by the City of Sydney. We have a mission to encourage emerging authors, their fictional story-telling, life-writing and poetry.

We have undertaken a number of initiatives this year to showcase the talents of local writers, and to provide opportunities to have stories heard, read and published.

One of our new ventures is the production of an Anthology of Short Stories to be published and sold on the Sydney School of Arts & Humanities website, as well as being available for sale in more than 30,000 online shops globally in electronic and printed formats. The stories will be selected on a competitive basis by a team of SSOA editors.

The advantage for participating writers is that publication focusses the attention of the reading and writing community on an author’s work, and provides substance to a writer’s resume. Free entry is offered to writers from all over the world.

All writers are welcome to make a submission. The conditions of entry are:

  1. The story length must be between 2000 and 4000 words.
  2. Stories must be fictional, not previously published, and written in English.
  3. All stories must include a title.
  4. Each story needs to be submitted to https://ssoa.com.au/services/manuscript-submissions/ with a Word file attachment with the words SSOA ANTHOLOGY plus your story title in the ‘Book Title’ line. The attached file needs to include the author’s full name and the story title. Author details (name, mobile number, email address) must be shown below the story title in the attached file.
  5. The only address authorised to accept entries is https://ssoa.com.au/services/manuscript-submissions/
  6. There is no entry fee. The submission of your story is evidence of your acceptance of the conditions of entry.
  7. All entries must be the original work of the person submitting the story and in submitting the story you are declaring that you are the copyright holder. The story becomes the property of the publisher, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities, for first publication rights.
  8. All authors will be credited for their own work.
  9. Any author can make more than 1 submission.
  10. If your work is accepted by SSOA, it will be a condition of publication that you purchase 3 copies of the anthology for each story accepted before the publication deadline.
  11. Submissions will close 5pm, 31 August 2019.

An email listing the names of all authors included in the publication will be sent to all writers who have made submissions. No extended correspondence will be entered into following the notifications regarding submissions and selections

Submit your story here.