Writing of the Week: A Grove of Dreams

Writing of the Week: A Grove of Dreams

This feature picture by Julie Corbeil is the week’s stimulus for writing. Two of our writers responded with descriptions of Corbeil’s collage art:

A Grove of Dreams

by Helena Ameisen

A hill as craggy as a gnarly burl of wood

A climb to the crest with the aid of crooked stick

A fay procession of fairy nymphs with furry moth-winged stoles and petal gowns …

And on the summit of this magic knoll

A shell, a babe perhaps, who knows what lies within?

The gentle glances and soft approach …

We are expectant in this collage world, this grove of dreams.


An Artwork

by David Kelly

A delicate scene that comes into view at the top of a small hill looks like a wedding ceremony or a formal get-together. It’s a bright sunny day and there is a wind or at least a breeze. The feeling is a little sombre.

One woman wearing a hat or crown looks regal in her stole, standing behind a man with a cane. He is wearing a cape of elaborate design.

The couple at the top of the mound are younger and focused on each other. Is that an altar with floral embellishments in the centre of the picture. Could this be an outdoor altar in an imaginary land in an age when life is fragile? The fragility of the figures is matched by what they are constructed from – flowers, butterfly wings, bark, wheat grass, moss and petals. The textures and natural hues give an organic feel.

I wonder whether this is about the fragility of life or the magic of life that comes from the earth and all of nature? As an observer I’m left to ponder.


The collage art image is titled ‘Août’ from the book ‘Beautés  Champêtres’ by Julie Corbeil, Alberta, 1999 ISBN 2980310018


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