Writing of the Week ‘Great Expectations’

Writing of the Week ‘Great Expectations’

Great Expectations

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a feeling of expectation? You get so excited that you don’t want to linger in bed. You spring up and get ready to tackle the day’s routine. In between chores, you stop to wonder what you are expecting.

Is it a messenger who will come to knock at the front door to tell you that you’ve won Lotto? No, not for me, because I don’t buy lottery tickets regularly or check after purchasing them.

Is it the postman who will bring a huge parcel? It’s not my birthday, it’s neither Christmas nor New Year and our wedding anniversary is in May, so it’s not an anniversary present.

Is it a delivery truck dropping off a new set of sitting room furniture to replace the old, sunken, cat-scratched sofas? Or is it a car won in the raffle tickets I bought for charity?

As the morning’s cooking, cleaning and praying is done, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. When morning gives over to afternoon, the expectation dwindles, with evening following suit.

As night falls, you feel like a deflated balloon. Weary, you head towards the consolation of your bed and sleep through the night – to wake at dawn for another day of expectation.

Sao (Pip) Khemawadee Mangrai 


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