Women workers demand equal pay

Women workers demand equal pay

Demanding equality and equal pay

Women workers held a demonstration outside state government offices today to draw attention to their right to be treated equally in their work and receive equal pay.

Those people who are caring for our youngest members of society – the children we adore and who hold our future in their hands – earn one third less than those educating children who have reached school age.

And why? Because it’s mostly women who are employed in childcare and their work is undervalued. More than 90% of early childhood educators are women.

It’s just not fair, and these women – who care for our children, feed them every day, pat them to sleep, tend to them when they fall or are feeling poorly – have the right to be paid well for their loving care.

These workers have had enough – and need to be recognised for the valuable work they do in nurturing our children.

For more information or to give your support contact WWW.BIGSTEPS.ORG.AU

Close the gap equal pay

Close the gap

Photo credits: Ferdinando Manzo

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