Theatrical performance based on poetry

Theatrical performance based on poetry

Italian article on poet Manzo

Theatrical performance based on poetry

SSOA author Ferdinando Manzo’s latest poetry collection has been featured in an Italian magazine article.

The magazine has reported on the theatrical performance Manzo is to direct at Millers Point next month in conjunction with the launch of his poetry collection, ‘The Dark Side of the Opera’.

The performance will combine music, dance and recorded videos on the themes of life and love, based on poems in the collection.

Manzo’s  poetry reflects Sydney night life, with echoes of the bohemian arts. Bars and coffee shops offer a haven to solitary writers and artists – both working alone and meeting to celebrate their work. Among the titles of the poems are: ‘Coco Cubano’: a touch of irresistible passion; ‘Morgana’: You, a stranger in the night opalescent; ‘The death dance’: the sensuality of a love that wraps them in a dark force.

The narrator of the poems will be silhouetted as dancers and musicians take to the stage playing characters costumed in black and gold to portray the mystery and magic of untrammelled creative artistry.

It’s planned for the live performance to be captured as a video recording for global distribution.

Local artists will include keyboard musician Donna Ng, singer Hayley Reed and performers of contemporary dance: Joey Gurcio, Stella D’Esposito, Arianna De Martino. Plus a live band, Petite Chinoise.

The show will be held at the Abraham Mott Hall, Nita McCrae Park, Millers Point (near The Rocks) at 6.30 pm on Saturday April 7.

Attendees need to text Ferdinando Manzo on 0426 880 341 or RSVP to the performance director with their name and phone number by 5 pm Friday April 6.

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