The hectic pace of life

The hectic pace of life

LimaThe hectic pace of life and making time for love …

The hectic pace of life and making time for love

The hectic pace of life and making time for love

You’re thinking life is too hectic and stressful to spend time meditating on the nature of love, social mores and revolutionary change? Yet these issues form the very stuff of writing. So let’s hear it from a 17th century Quaker perspective:

‘Somewhere in the world, however, there are always to be found some men and women who insist on thinking for themselves, who question the folkways and strike out thoughts that others find hard to accept.

And there are times when the world changes so fast that the folkways themselves break down, and a whole generation is set thinking and questioning, experimenting and exploring: and then a whole generation is uncomfortable. It feels lost, and being lost, is afraid, and being afraid, is angry and quarrelsome.

We live in such a period today, when the speed of living has increased more than we are ready for, the nations are huddled closer together than they are accustomed to be, and the world is full of machines that we have not quite learnt to use.

At such a time we cannot think and speak and behave as our fathers did, for we are not in our fathers’ world. We have, if we are to survive, to think and speak and behave for ourselves. The years round about 1650 fell in just such a period …’

Harold Loukes, MA, Reader in Education, Oxford University, in ‘The Discovery of Quakerism’ (1960).

Wise words, and one of the reasons I’m in Peru, cut off from my normal overwhelming 21st century communication overload. I’ll be attempting to ‘stay in the moment’ and limiting email, fb and phone calls!

A meditative setting Huaca Pucllana, Lima

A meditative setting: Huaca Pucllana, Lima

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