SSOA Writing of the  Week on Tricks

SSOA Writing of the Week on Tricks


A Bag of Tricks 
(For the sake of all mothers)

I am always fascinated by women, young mothers who carry around a bag of tricks. It can be disguised in a nappy bag or a handbag. The staple to good mothering seems to be, despite leaving home, all things needed are close to hand. This bag seems bottomless. Baby bottles, snacks, cups of water, baby wipes, car keys – all are contained in the bag of tricks. There is a magical element when whatever need, pain, or want the child has, the mother’s hand delves deep, and out comes something: a packet of raisins if caught out between meals, or a favourite toy to keep a bored toddler amused. There is also a random plaster in there for any medical emergencies. I’m sure if any item is missing it would only take a quick mothering spell for it to appear.

Copyright Deirdre Keenaghan

A Bag of Tricks

I walked out of my front door into the drizzle. ‘Reminds me of England,’ I said to 
myself. In no time, I was at the train station and then on the train across the 
Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I found a seat next to a young man in dreadlocks who smelt of pot.

‘It looks amazing even in the rain,’ he said, as he pointed at the Opera House.
I nodded my head in agreement.
‘Where you from?’ I asked.
‘I’m on holiday from Byron,' he replied.
He had a large bag wedged between his legs.
‘What you got in there?’ I asked.
‘It’s my bag of tricks,’ he said.
‘What you going to do with all that?’
‘I’m a street performer,’ he said, ‘I’m heading for Circular Quay. I’ve heard you can make good money there on a sunny day.’
‘But it’s raining,’ I pointed out.
‘Oh yeah,’ he said, ‘I didn’t think about that!’

Copyright Guy Micklethwait
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  1. 22 March, 2018 at 8:45 am

    Love Tracey Emins birds which I regularly observe & listen to around the city whenever I'm out & about Her work is always thought provoking & often very provocative MegM

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