Dr Christine Williams has trained with the North American lifecoaching institute Coachville Inc., to make available to Australian clients the latest developments in lifecoaching techniques.

Her practice at 15-17 Argyle Place Millers Point, Sydney, is located close to bus and train routes.

Clients take on a coaching program over a period of 3 months, with weekly 1-hour appointments designed to offer optimal encouragement and feedback on results.

The total cost of the full program is reasonably priced at $960 for 12 weeks – with individual personal coaching rates set at $80 per hour.

Whatever your field of interest or career, Christine works with you to achieve your success – in employment, business development, relationship, family life or unrealised dream.

She offers insights into how to balance employment workload and personal relationship demands, to clarify personal goals and gain greater understanding through self-awareness.

Life Details:

Christine has worked in the media for over twenty years as a:

  • communications and public relations executive
  • journalist – in print, radio, television and the internet
  • TV presenter & radio producer
  • science and industry feature writer.

As a published author, she specialises in life story. Her HarperCollins book, Fathers & Sons, includes candid interviews with well-known Australians, including recently-retired High Court judge Justice Michael Kirby.

Christine has written biographies of a number of Australian environmentalists, published as Green Power: Environmentalists who have changed the face of Australia.

Her recent study of the influential 20th century philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti: World Philosopher, has given her insight into the way personal emotions and habitual thinking impinge on effective decision-making in the present.

Her coaching techniques are recommended by many clients, including:

The knowledge I have gained from working with Chris will sustain me long into the future.

Brenda Finlayson, Sydney journalist

Chris has assisted me in defining priorities – a valuable life asset that I will strive to maintain.

Rebecca Cummins, Seattle

A high-level communicator, Chris knows how to bring out the best in clients. Her experience in encouraging people to reach deeply into themselves to discover and express often hidden emotional strengths provides a sense of achievement for her clients in both her coaching and teaching practices.

Chris’s interest in ancient wisdom traditions – matched by her managerial expertise, public sector and business organisational experience – provide a well-balanced framework for her to encourage and challenge clients to reach new levels of personal development.

Chris spent more than a decade in close business contact with CEOs and senior executives of major science and industry R&D organisations, producing documentation ranging from ministerial submissions to business charters.

Chris Williams is now putting into coaching practice the insights she’s gained from proven coaching techniques to help you:

  • breakthrough into your untapped reserves of confidence to
  • achieve your personal vision.
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