Save Our Sirius barbecue

Save Our Sirius barbecue


Save Our Sirius organiser Tim Ross (r)

SAVE OUR SIRIUS barbecue-ing was a hit last night with members of the local community at The Rocks, as well as supporters from far afield.

We were supposed to bring along our own drinks, with sausages supplied free of charge – but when I forgot that detail, the hosts were generous enough to give me and a friend a drink each. The whole atmosphere was convivial – with an air of determination to see off developers who might want to convert the building into a multi-million dollar goldmine accessible only to the rich.

The size of the crowd was a sign that those of us who are proud of our history might save the day. Knowing that other people like us believe in:

1. the architectural value of preserving this stand-out building, and

2. the egalitarian ethics that used to guide politicians and public officials.

And we the people are still numerous enough to make our opinions count with the powerful if we work together on the issue.

Why should the wealthy alone enjoy views of our harbour? It always gave me a warm glow when I’d cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge and know that our governments had made such an outstanding accommodation provision as the SIRIUS building for the most needy in our community. Those governments recognised that there were major benefits in sharing harbour real estate – not cordoning it off to the wealthy – to avoid social stratification and allow the natural growth of wholesome, living communities. Truly ‘a fair go’ policy.

Now that the building has been summarily emptied of the needy, we should still continue to demand that there’s value in holding onto the building in recognition of its high architectural worth and its benefit for us as a community, the people of Sydney, our state and our nation.

Let’s bring the good old days back to the future!  For more information:

In the air

On the ground

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  1. Meg Mooney
    1 April, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Was a beautiful evening with sun & soft breeze A very friendly group of interesting people who obviously passionate about preserving Sydneys heritage MegM

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