Poet and novelist

Poet and novelist

Poet and novelist, Ferdinando Manzo, has just had an article about his work published in an interpreters and  translators’ magazine, In Touch. The article highlights the launch of his last poetry collection Night Road to Life by the poet, Paolo Totaro AM.

Totaro was the founding director of the Community Arts Board of the Australia Council, and later founding chair of the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission. He is a member of the Order of Australia (AM, 1988) and a Commendatore of the Order of Italy (2006). www.paolototaro.com.au

Paolo Totaro spoke of how Ferdinando Manzo in two of his poems, The forgotten beach and The oblivion of the forgotten, ‘gives voice to the millions of refugees who seek asylum’.

‘Like most of us, he fluctuates between hope and despair facing this epochal crisis,’ Totaro said.

He pointed out that Manzo, who’s been living in Australia for only a few years, hails from Torre del Greco, close to Naples and its volcano, ‘where lava and sea have met for millions of years’ and incinerate and then fertilise the land every few centuries.

Totaro saw an echo of the Latin poet and philosopher, Horace, in Manzo’s writing:

it’s not yesterday
it’s not tomorrow.
It’s just today
and today is always
the perfect day.’

Ferdinando Manzo is working on both a second novel for publication in Italy and a second collection of poetry to be published in English later this year.

And he’s offered this preview of a cycle of poems he’s working on titled:

Words from Morgana’s Tale

It won’t be the cloak of night
covering your body
among tomorrow’s shadows,
my Morgana,
but a woven blanket
made of the petals of tears,
gushing from those
who believed they had you
without understanding
that what they hugged,
even only for a single moment,
wasn’t love
but the doom
of eternal pain.

Poetry copyright Ferdinando Manzo.

The text of the launch speech by Paolo Totaro must not be used without accreditation.


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  1. Gypsy
    8 April, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    It's just beautiful It made me want to read more poetry. Thank you

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