Sydney School of Arts & Humanities shows it cares for the ABC

People turned out in wintry weather today for a show of support for the ABC. Sydney’s Martin Place came alive to the sound of drums, Wendy Harmer, ex-702 breakfast host Adam Spencer, ex-Media Watcher, Jonathan Holmes and others … and Sydney School of Arts & Humanities caught a couple of snaps. Contact 0432 289 311 […]

Memoir group on ANZAC Day

On Anzac Day, members of our writers workshop Sydney memoir group OMG! participated in a session of readings of correspondence between soldiers of the Great War and their loved ones in Hyde Park. The excerpts came from Love Letters of the Great War (Macmillan, Lon, 1914) edited by Mandy Kirkby. All the WWI letters showed […]

Easter Monday Renascence

Easter Monday, the day that we, as a family in the 1950’s, would go to the Royal Easter Show. And yet today I find myself working towards the culmination of four weeks of hard labour preparing our home for sale. This day is warm with vibrant blue skies, revealing the early morning moon still ascending, […]

Unexpected Success for New Creative Writer

First-time creative writer and friend of our school, Gerry O’Sullivan, has self-published an ebook thriller, Gangsters of Shanghai, to unexpected international success. He finds it’s been placed on the Kindle top 10 list in the historical thriller genre. So far the book has sold over 19,000 copies. The sales on, Amazon.UK and …

SSOA & Facebook

Having rejoined Facebook after several years of absence due to focussing on SSOA, I gape at the productivity of some correspondents. I feel the way I felt this evening as I gazed at this bank of gums … that is as an observer in awe. From my brief experience so far, Facebook offers as much […]

Machu Picchu and above

Sydney School of Arts has just returned from an out-of-this-world experience of wandering around the ruins of Machu Picchu, this ancient Peruvian temple city. We were also able to buy from a small bookshop in Cusco an English-language edition of Hiram Bingham’s account of his rediscovery of this soaring example of visionary thinking in architecture. …

Slicing the Moon: a screen book of poems

Launched: Syam Sudhakar and Lis James’ dvd, Slicing the Moon, filled with thoughtful words and sensuous images. You’ll find a download of the DVD on our menu bar under Books and DVDs … Well worth a look. Poems Featured in the DVD: -green sun -water and earth -the tea cup -enchantress atop a potted palm […]

This week in Peru … International Women´s Day

A view of the Temple of Women at the Pachacamac huaca, near Lima. In Lima, in preparation for some travel to a jungle retreat (don´t get me wrong, it won´t be deep & dark, just the edge of the jungle not too far from Puerta Maldonado) I´ve been reading Mario Vargas LLosa´s The Way to […]

Lima, PERU

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities Director, Dr Christine Williams, is currently visiting Peru … with several interviews with Peruvian writers lined up over the next couple of weeks. Keep in touch to find out what writers in Sydney and Lima have in common. ´By chance – if anything is by chance – I came […]