Burma memoir launch – Chris Waters’ portfolio

Burma memoir launch The photographs shown on this page are copyrighted to the Chris Waters’ Portfolio Archive and may not be used without his written authorisation. (Enquiries contact cvwilliams@ozemail.com.au) They document the publication of an historic Burma memoir launch by author Sao Khemawadee Mangrai introduced by foreign affairs journalist …

Burma memoir launch

What a great celebration at the launch of the ebook ‘Burma My Mother: And Why I Had To Leave’ in Sydney today! Author Sao Khemawadee Mangrai’s Burma memoir was launched by the ABC’s former Foreign Editor, Peter Cave, who described how he had felt reporting from Burma some years ago. Members of OMG! (Our Memoir […]

New Burma Memoir (Myanmar)

New Burma Memoir ebook Coming up Jul 8 – the launch of a new Bumra Memoir ebook, available for sale on this website: http://ssoa.com.au/products/ebooks/burma-my-mother/“> ‘BURMA MY MOTHER: And Why I Had To Leave’ was written by Sao Khemawadee Mangrai, a Burmese-Australian whose husband was gaoled for five years under the military …

Tim Cahill’s last World Cup goal

A last goal for Tim Cahill? The ABC reports that Tim Cahill’s World Cup goal against The Netherlands has received global applause. The pity is that Cahill’s yellow card will prevent him playing in the next Australian match against Spain and he’s expected to be out of the team by the time the next World […]

Brazil World Cup Writers

World Cup writers World Cup writers – those impatient Brazilians are so greedy for goals they’ll take them anywhere anytime! Yes, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities even had an Australian representative at the game! Photo credits Jasmine McDonald Williams and Claudio Rodriguez, wearing the colours of Australia – or, wait a minute, …