On Krishnamurti and Learning: A Battle of Wits

On Krishnamurti and Learning: A Battle of Wits

On Krishnamurti and Learning: A Battle of Wits

A message from SSOA author Geetha Waters on the STEP program for children’s education she is involved with in India’s Andhra Pradesh state.

Dear All,

Through STEP I have watched people and seen how circumstances change them over a few years. It has been very interesting for me. I guess I have seen what can be achieved through a genuine and considerate manner towards others. Allowing them to explore and realize what they are capable of. How else do we expect society to change? Most people are trapped in the pursuit of the ultimate resolution of conflict and have little time to consider the trials of others. I guess that is all I needed to understand. There is no miracle here… just common sense. The only miracle is in realizing all this. I guess it is not sufficient to hear it from others but to test it out for yourself. That too can be enabled at school. What a great potential for learning we can unleash if we are clear and how fun and relevant learning can be then. Here parents are always nagging Hari, Lakshmanna and Deva Sahayam for homework, higher marks and grades. They push the schools in the direction where fear, competition and lack of trust reign. So the schools interested in STEP are caught between a rock and a hard place. The pressure for marks and performance is constant and any other activity is looked on as a waste of time and the children field this day after day at home and at school. But slowly interest in K is growing after the cloud cast by ‘Lives in the Shadow…all through the work of a few committed volunteers!’



Regarding the photo: The British loved this place so much they climbed the steep and rocky surface of the hill to plant their flag pole on top of it to declare their sovereignty. Then there was plenty of water around. Now the drought has set in and will likely continue with increased urbanization and cutting of trees for construction.

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