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jiddu krishnamurti world philosopher

Jiddu Krishnamurti

by C V Williams
road to rishi konda

Road to Rishi Konda

by Geetha Waters
'Angela's Anorexia' by Damian Cooper now available on Amazon Kindle Books

Angela’s Anorexia

by Damian Cooper

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burma my mother


by Sao Khemawadee Mangrai
sachin tendulkar interviews

Sachin Tendulkar

by Christine Williams
I, who prophesy by reading the stars and the wind, now think of that country … – excerpt from poem ‘Green Sun’

 Drenched by the Sun

by Syam Sudhakar

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities (SSOA) is a reading and writing venture aimed at nurturing purpose, pleasure and playfulness in writing, reading and spiritual inquiry. Our purpose is two-fold:

1. To organise writers’ meet ups & conduct creative writing and memoir classes

2. To publish the completed work of members and students.

The School brings together researchers and writers whose interests span human relationship, the ecology of nature, the built environment, and innovative ideas in the study of spirituality, society and politics.

Our publications range from memoir and short story to poetry and the essay form. Individual writers and members of writing groups are encouraged to offer submissions for publishing consideration by our peer panels.

Creative Writing Meet Ups

Creative Writing Meet Ups have resumed for 2016 (Tuesdays 5.30pm or Wednesdays or Fridays 2.30pm) and Memoir Group OMG! (Tuesdays 10.30am).

We meet in a large open office space made available through the City of Sydney’s Short Term Creative Tenancy Program. We’re easy to find – located at 15-17 Argyle Place, Millers Point, The Rocks. Just $12.50 to attend a meet up. Contact us on 0432 289 311 or

  • ‘Age of Aquarius’ revelation during Zen Thai Shiatsu treatment for back pain
  • Anglo-Burmese writing from the period of British rule in Myanmar (formerly Burma)
  • An astonishing chronicle of the life of a soldier on the frontline in WWII
  • A son’s story of his single mother's debilitating illness, anorexia nervosa
  • A memoir of good times and bad in Burma before escaping to freedom
  • The life of the 20th-century Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • John Blackwell’s insightful account of the history of Australian Trade Unionism
  • Geetha Waters’ tales of growing up in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in the ’60s & ’70s
  • Interviews carried out by Dr CV Williams about Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar
  • Arco: The Legend of the Blue Vortex explores man’s battle with the sea to seek solace
  • Syam Sudhakar’s poetry draws on his cultural roots in Kerala and its natural splendour