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Giant Frog Blog

SSOA writing coach Sharon Dean observes: I’ve always loved the following anecdote from the Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828), who was friends with a frog called Happy.

It would seem that today, at least, the frogs have patched up their differences with mankind and settled down to live at peace with the world. For instance, all I need to do is spread my mat on the ground of a summer evening and say, ‘Come out, Happy! Come out, my dear!’ – and out of the bush crawls a large frog and sits down with me to enjoy the cool evening air. Now there shines the soul of a true poet!

Recently, at Never Never Creek near Bellingen, I was privileged to share a similar experience with an endangered Giant Barred Frog, who followed me around and at one point even sat on my foot.

After I shared this story on Instagram (@blossommonkey), the I Love Bello Shire organisation re-posted my anecdote to publicise the shire’s annual Spring Plant Fair, commenting on its relevance to the fair’s theme of  ‘Plant your own wildlife habitat’.

And the organisation’s message to readers? ‘Maybe you could make a home for an endangered Giant Barred Frog, like this one.’


Picture credits: Sharon Dean. Sharon is an editor, writing coach and mentor with Sydney School of Arts & Humanities and can be contacted at

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