From Sydney to Strasbourg

From Sydney to Strasbourg

Strasbourg Christmas Markets 2016

Like many migrants from the Northern Hemisphere, when the festive season comes around the glorious summer weather just doesn’t feel right. So this year it was off to Europe for some cold, darkness and the glitter of Christmas.

Christmas in Strasbourg is a magical sight. The centre of the city is an island surrounded by river, with the cathedral at its heart, and endless streets, alleyways and squares of historic buildings. Right on the border of France and Germany – stand in the middle of the Rhine and you’re probably in both countries at once – the language is French but the cuisine is German. Lots of speck, spaetzle and sauerkraut: great wintry fare.

The ultimate dream every year is for a white Christmas – and even though that’s only defined as a single snowflake falling on London on the 25th, it happens only a few times a century. As skiers will know, January and February are when the snows fall.

But that doesn’t stop one longing for that magic, snow-white sparkling Christmas of childhood – which can only have happened once, yet it drifts its snowflakes to whiten all the long-ago memories. The odds for 2016, at the time of writing, are about 20:1 for a White Christmas. It looks like Bing Crosby is the closest we’re going to get…



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