BAFTA Frances McDormand is a marvel

BAFTA Frances McDormand is a marvel

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Frances McDormand is a marvel in her role in the film.

Directed by Michael McDonagh, the film won five trophies, including best film and best actress for Frances McDormand.

It’s a powerful portrayal of the social landscape of small town contemporary America, tackling issues which touch all our lives: the breakdown of family relationships; gender inequality; corruption and law enforcement; the loss and pain of families who are forced to deal with the rape and murder of a child in a world which no longer takes responsibility for the crimes that are committed in its midst.

At the centre of the narrative is Mildred played convincingly by Southern-born character actress, Frances McDormand, who has previously appeared as an astute savvy policewoman in the film ‘Fargo’.

In this award-winning film she takes on the character, Mildred, a mother in mourning who epitomises a tough-talking, independent middle-aged mother whose life is unravelling following great loss – of her husband to a much younger woman, and worse, the rape and murder of her only daughter whose body was found burnt beyond recognition on the edge of town.

Mildred begins her own personal crusade to seek out, and if need be, destroy the killer.

The film is rich in its portrayal of flawed desperate characters: a police chief dying of cancer and a young brute of a cop whose response to Mildred’s quest for justice is violent.

In the closing moments of the film, however, it is the unlikely friendship and reconciliation between Mildred and the young tough cop, her arch enemy, which sets the film up as a potent reminder that love and forgiveness are at the heart of this bleak but uplifting story.

Frances McDormand excelled in the role, and her dramatic speech after receiving the BAFTA Best Actress award was in support of women through the Time’s Up campaign and a call for ‘Power to the People’.

Review by Meg Mooney

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