Writing of the Week: dialogue with conflict

Writing of the Week: dialogue with conflict

For a recent exercise in writing strong dialogue containing conflict, David Kelly from our Thursday evening group was awarded ‘writer of the week’. Here’s the dialogue, short but punchy:

Conflict or what?

‘You get the fuck out of my house,’ Miranda yelled at Jack.

‘It’s both ‘our house’ Miranda,’ Jack yelled back.

‘I don’t care! You seem to just come in and out and never do anything. You’re always noisy, and very rude to me – and last night was the last straw.’

The previous night Jack had gone out with his mates after the football and hadn’t texted Miranda, his girlfriend of five years. He had told her that he’d get home by 10 pm but didn’t return until 3 am.

Miranda had been watching television. She’d heard there was a fight in the city and someone fitting Jack’s description had been king-hit. She’d woken when he came in but didn’t get up.

Next morning they stared at each other for thirty seconds, surprised at having yelled so fiercely.

Jack spoke first. ‘I’m sorry. I got carried away with the win last night.’

Then Miranda. ‘I was just worried about you. From now on you have to grow up and forget all the late nights.’

She paused.

‘We’re expecting a baby.’



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