Writing of the Week: Cricket season

Writing of the Week: Cricket season


by Peter Stankovic

September is a glorious month in Australia. Greg always warmed to this month, the start of the cricket season, when cricket training began. Not only that but towards the end of September cricket matches were being played all over the country.

This cricket season, Greg had vowed to take the game seriously. Last season he had scored over 1000 runs and he was on the verge of breaking into first class cricket. From there, international cricket beckoned.

the more they change the more they stay the same

Now that Australia had been beaten for the first time by Bangladesh, he felt the careers of some of the overpaid batsmen would soon come to an end. As a batting unit, they were hopeless, succumbing to a bit of spin.

Greg knew how to play spin. Either come forward and meet the ball before it turned, stride down the wicket and slam it out of the ground or go back and glide it or pull it to the boundary. But maybe he was being too entrenched in his attitude. It would be different in hot alien conditions. Perhaps the guys all drank too much at nights or partied with the lovely Bangladeshi women. Who knew?

Of course, he was prepared to tackle these challenges. He was, after all, not only a cricketer but also a stand-up comic, a job which he could pursue at night. He’d had two successful pub tours and had earned a reputation as well as some money to live on.

Greg’s optimism was paying off. Australia, beaten for the first time in a test against Bangladesh, bounced back in the second test and this seemed like a positive sign for their next engagement in India.

But after a fabulous start when India were reduced to 3 for 11, India, with the support of their vociferous local crowd managed to post 7/281 after 50 overs. Rain delayed the Australian innings and when they did bat, the team could only score 9/137 in a reduced 21 over chase.

The morning after, when Greg saw the result he cancelled his flight to India.

September was breaking bad – but maybe there was still a chance for him in first class cricket. He wouldn’t mind a go at the top – to show the hard men a slice or two …


(Greg’s hopes of cricket stardom to be continued next month.)

Peter Stankovic is a Sydney crime writer. To find out more: http://ssoa.com.au/authors/peter-a-stankovic/ 

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