Creative writing: its significance to me

Creative writing: its significance to me

The significance of creative writing to me

It arrived in the mail last week, a hand-written envelope in familiar writing. Ripping it open, I began reading:

Dear Therese, I am writing to remind you what Shubavuha said: ‘Your life is a canvas with limited space.’ What do you want on the canvas of your life?

An image of Shubavuha floated across my mind. Kind-faced, grey haired, dressed in flowing robes, an energy of peace emanating outwards. Shubavuha had taught a six-week meditation course I’d attended at a Buddhist Centre back in December, 2015.

During the last session of the course, participants had been asked to write themselves a letter to be posted sometime in the future.

When I read the letter, I thought about what makes up the canvas of my life. I see a series of circles with my husband in the middle. Moving outwards, are my family and close friends. Next in the circle is writing.

Writing has gotten me out of bed this year. It’s brought me out of a black hole caused, in part, by losing my job. I’ve discovered a well of untapped energy, of passion that I thought I was incapable of feeling again.

Each week I look forward to Fridays when I catch up with everyone in the Sydney Writers Circle meetup to share my work and listen to others who have the same passion as myself.

Creative writing is part of the canvas of my life and I’m grateful to have recognised this.

Credit: creative writer, Therese Warfield. Therese takes part in a creative writing group that resumes this week. She can be contacted at or via our contact link at Sydney School of Arts & Humanities here.

Our school, in conjunction with the Sydney Writers Circle Meetup, runs 3 writing groups a week: Our Memoir Group (OMG!) on Tuesdays at 10.30 am, and Creative Writing groups on Thursday evenings at 6 pm and Friday afternoons at 2.30.

Just let us know if you’d like to attend – the charge is only $15 for 2 hours, and there’s plenty of opportunity for feedback and sharing stories and good humour.

It’s easy to book by emailing to join our group meetups which resume from January 25.

Photo credit Jamie Williams

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  1. 26 February, 2018 at 9:04 am

    The company of writers in an attractive and serious setting where writing is the focus of attention cannot be compared to any other social interaction. Although one walks into the room with a piece that is bristling to be read out to the group, the shared meaning of reading and listening to each other generates a dynamic that is surprisingly inspiring. Yes it is great to be bursting with something that you need to say! However, having an audience willing to listen to you makes all the work which has gone into writing down your thoughts, so worthwhile.

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