Self Discovery

Writing is about sharing: from stories and experiences to information and advice. Self discovery books are not a new phenomenon: there have been people publishing their experiences and advice since the invention of writing. But in recent years they have reached a greater prominence as people seek answers within themselves as they confront the challenges of modern life.

If you have personal experience or philosophy to share, or would like to offer meditative works or chart your own journey of self knowledge, Sydney School of Arts & Humanities is always interested in discussing manuscripts and ideas.


extraordinary relationshipAn Extraordinary Relationship

by Leo Ryan

Former counsellor Leo Ryan explains how people can bring on the changes needed have a great relationship.


self discovery journeyA Journal of Self Discovery

by Christine Williams

Author Dr Christine Williams describes what happens over a period of several months as she undergoes treatment for back pain by a Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork masseur in an ‘Age of Aquarius’ revelation.