Poetry is one of the oldest forms of recorded literature, with the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh dating back to 2100BC. Songs, poems, rhymes and verse are both universal and powerful, and a part of all our lives.

At Sydney School of Arts & Humanities we are proud to play a role in continuing this ancient human tradition, and welcome examples of verse covering all forms, from diverse themes and cultural backgrounds. We also encourage public performances of poems by our writers.


A Haiku Workshop

by Quendryth Young

Published here for the first time are some comprehensive and succinct guidelines to writing English-language haiku presented by Quendryth Young.


poetry poemsDrenched by the sun

by Syam Sudhakar

‘I, who prophesy by reading the stars and the wind, now think of that country…’ – an excerpt from the poem ‘Green Sun’.

Syam Sudhakar’s poems draw on his cultural roots in Kerala as well as the splendour of its natural habitat.


Night Road to Life

by Ferdinando Manzo

Ferdinando Manzo’s work features themes of the sea and the emotions, particularly the deeply felt joys and melancholies experienced by men