Sydney School of Arts & Humanities publishes a range of memoir and autobiographical works, some of which are developed through our Memoir Writing Group.

If you have a tale to tell, or would like to record your family history for posterity, please get in touch. We also have a Family Stories service for those writing primarily for family and friends.

memoir angela's anorexiaAngela’s Anorexia: The Story of My Mother

by Damian Cooper

A son’s story of the debilitating illness, anorexia nervosa, that his single mother suffered from throughout his childhood.


burma-my-mother-no-border memoirBURMA MY MOTHER – And Why I had To Leave

by Sao Khemawadee Mangrai

A story of living through good times and bad in Burma before an escape to a new life of freedom.


Final-Cover memoirManufacturing Unions: A Memoir

by John Blackwell 

John Blackwell’s history of manufacturing unions in Australia is an important and insightful account of the history of Australian Trade Unionism.


cover-road-to-rishi-kondaRoad To Rishi Konda

by Geetha Waters

Geetha Waters’ stories centre on a girl growing up in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in the ’60s and ’70s.