Sydney School of Arts & Humanities is currently expanding its range of fiction, with several new Australian novels due to be published in the near future.

We are happy to consider most genres and lengths, from short story collections and novellas to full novels. So if you have a manuscript that you would like to publish, or believe you have written the next great Australian novel, please get in touch!

arco fictionArco: The legend of the blue vortex

by Ferdinando Manzo

An exciting new story from first-time novelist, Ferdinando Manzo, Arco explores man’s battle with the sea in an attempt to seek solace.


reported missingReported Missing

by Diane Harding

A thrilling debut novel from Sydney author Diane Harding, Reported Missing follows a couple’s ordeal as they risk everything to save their daughter and grandchildren from her abusive, even murderous, husband.



what's in a nameWhat’s in a Name?

by Lawrence Goodstone

A collection of short stories featuring snapshots of the human condition, set in Australia, ranging over a number of genres from crime to science fiction.