Jiddu Krishnamurti World Philosopher

Revised Edition

by Christine Williams


The life of the 20th-century philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti was truly astonishing. As this new updated edition shows, people from all over the world would gather to hear him speak the wisdom of the ages.

Biographer Christine (CV) Williams carried out research over a period of four years to write this ebook account of Krishnamurti’s life. She studied his major archive of personal correspondence and talks, and interviewed people who knew him intimately.

Krishna was born into poverty in a South Indian village, before being adopted by a wealthy English public figure, Annie Besant. As an adult he settled in California, travelling to India and England every year to give public lectures that inspired spiritual seekers beyond any single religion.

Krishnamurti’s key message of freedom of the mind resonated with Hindus and Buddhists alike, as well as many humanists in the West.

Philosopher, teacher, lover, mystic – Krishnamurti lived all of these roles to the full.


‘The text is a pleasure to read.’
Professor Wayne Hudson, Griffith University, Australia.

‘A major work of original historical research … The book provides a sensitive treatment for some thorny issues.’
HG Herzberger, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Toronto.

‘Remarkable for its sheer simplicity, lucidity and directness … the style of writing is invigorating.’
Pathway to God magazine.

‘Williams argues with accuracy that Krishnamurti’s greatest achievement … was as if a radiant being … had occupied his body.’
Tarun Cherian, Deccan Herald.



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