Waking the Mind

Waking the Mind

Waking the Mind launched at Ariel Bookstore in Darlinghurst

The launch of Geetha Water’s second book Waking the Mind – published by SSOA – was held at Ariel book sellers in Oxford Street this month.

Although there were thunderclaps over the Pacific Ocean and intermittent rain throughout the day, we were pleased to have friends and acquaintances join us for the occasion.

Christine Williams, the Director of Sydney School of Arts and Humanities, introduced some background on Geetha’s current work in holistic education in India, following the publication of her first book Road to Rishi Konda. Dr Williams then briefly outlined some of the themes of Geetha’s current collection of short stories.

Some guests commented on the stories having several layers of understanding of Indian cultural practices. Many of the stories touch on psychological issues relating to the perception of self through inquiry and the dynamics of relationship based on J Krishnamurti’s educational philosophy.

All subjects of discussion were dealt with over refreshing drinks and snacks in the cosy atmosphere of Ariel Bookstore.

Waking the Mind is available here. Just $14.99 in print or $4.99 as an ebook.

Photos copyright Julia Pederson & cvwilliams.


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